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Emma Shapplin


Soprano artist, author, composer,

producer art-painter-photographer


Multiplatinium album "Carmine meo"

Multigold Albums "Etterna" and "Macadam Flower"

                                    NEW DOUBLE ALBUM

       « EMMA SHAPPLIN the Best of Lounge » Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

1998 - His debut studio album "Carmine Meo" represents his debut as a professional artist and sells over two million copies worldwide multi-platinum, allowing him to present his work in more than 25 countries .

1999 - Emma is invited to sing in duet with Gianni Morandi a song called "Vento" and continues the promotional tour for "Carmine meo" around the world - Emma is invited to sing at the "night of the proms" in Rotterdam, Holland - Emma sings at the “Victoires de la Musique” in Paris - Emma wins the “il monstro” trophy in Chile - Emma is voted “Woman of the Year 1999” in Israel

2001 - Yomanda (Radical Records label) remixes his debut single in the Trance style, reaching number 1 on the US Billboard charts, and stays in the Maxi Single top 10 for a whole year.


- Emma is invited by the famous Hollywood composer Graeme Revell to sing 3 original songs based on Dante's poetry - soundtrack for the Hollywood film Red Planet, a soundtrack which she shares with Peter Gabriel, William Orbit and Sting.


- Emma sings in Duo with Georges Dalaras during a concert at the Acropolis in Athens. Emma sings several songs from the album "Carmine meo" as well as 2 songs in duet with George Dalaras including "Omorfi poli - l'es amants de Teruel" and "Spente le stelle"


2002 – Emma creates her production company Nimue Music – Nimue Publishing under which she will now produce her Albums. - Emma Shapplin is invited to the Miami Winter Festival for a unique performance, to celebrate the success of her remix, and receives the trophy there, as she begins the composition and writing of her next album entitled Etterna. - Live in Caesarea Live DVD based on their debut album Carmine Meo is released worldwide. This is a recording of Emma's very first concert in Israel, which takes place in the illustrious Roman arena of Caesarea. - Emma is invited to sing in Moscow for the big Christmas concert alongside Placido Domingo, José Carreras and Sissel


2003.- For her second studio album entitled Etterna, Emma signs a license contract with Universal Music London, under the ARK 21 label, and Miles Copeland as manager. The album was written and composed 70% by Emma herself and 30% by composer Graeme Revell, with the participation of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and its Classical Choir and recorded at Abbey Road studios in London.


2004.– 2007 - Emma begins her Etterna tour, which will last 3 years in 15 countries with shows for 3,000 to 15,000 spectators. During her tour, she sings in Duo with the illustrious and adorable Turkish artist Sezen Aksu.


2008.- Emma is invited to record a duet with Paolo Conte - a song entitled “Coup de Théâtre” from his album “Psyché”.


2009 - 2010 .- Her third studio album entitled "Macadam Flower" written, composed, produced and produced in an "Electro-pop" style by Emma herself, is a delicate and poetic journey in 3 languages ​​(as she describes it herself ): French, English and old Italian, it recounts the key moments in the life of a fictional character named Madalena Kean. This album hoisted gold record in more than 10 countries and followed by an international tour "the Macadam Flower Tour", an international tour mixing the songs of her new album "Macadam Flower" and the great classics of Emma from the albums "Carmine Meo" and "Eterna" and some arias from the Opera. The amazing encounter and unique embrace of classical orchestra and electro-pop arrangements, the warm and powerful interpretations of Emma's lyrical voice and her pop voice interpretations.


2011 - The DVD "Macadam Flower Tour - Live in Athens" is released, imposing its different facets, including Electro-pop, Electro-Rock, Opera and Neoclassical.


2013.- Emma releases her fourth studio album titled “Dust of a Dandy” also written, composed, directed and produced by Emma. It is described as a poetic and dark electro-pop-rock Mythical Opus, it represents part 2 of "Macadam Flower" telling the dark and chaotic thoughts of a fictional Dandy. For this one Emma will adorn her booklet with “self-portrait” photographs taken in Paris. This Album gives the launch of a tour of impressive international shows: "The Dandy's Tour". Emma is invited to sing in Lebanon and receives the "international artist of the year" trophy there.


2014.– Emma undertakes new studies in Opera master classes, more regularly, in Saint-Petersburg, under the direction of Mrs. Irina Bogacheva, illustrious award-winning singer, president of the International Grand Jury, and attached to the Mariinsky Opera of Saint -Petersburg.


.– Emma is more involved in the production of more personal projects in painting and photography.


2015.- Emma begins writing and composing her new neoclassical opus, temporarily called


2016 - Emma signed a 2 year contract as an ambassador for Dogus Group International. Emma attended master opera classes in Saint Petersburg throughout the year; He did a public show for Antalya Expo 2016 with great success and started his study sessions and his compositions for Carmine Meo part 2.

2017 - Emma signs with the British label GO MUSIC for a remix called Casta Diva for which she sings short passages of Casta Diva by Bellini on music and arrangements by Soulshaker. The remix climbed to the TOP 4 of the British commercial charts.

- Emma performs at Cappadox and Bodrum Classical Festival for the Dogus group.

- July – she gives another performance at the festival of Bodrum classical music in front of 3000 spectators (sold out)

- She sings for the presentation of the archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe for the Dogus group during the forum world economy 2017 in Davos

- December: Emma gives a public concert at the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul - for 7000 spectators (sold out).


2018 -This year marked the start of full production of his new album in Manchester and Paris. Photo sessions were held in Athens and Paris.

September: Emma is invited to the Moncler Genius fashion show during Milan fashion week.

The mixing and finalization of his new album Carmine Meo part 2 have been completed. ​

2020 – 2022 - Signature with the French record company “Kuroneko” - Concert in Greece in Athens (sold-out)

- Cover of Alem Fashion Magazine (Turkey)

- Cover of Gala Greece - December 2021, Emma is dressed for the occasion by Mrs. Celia Kritharioti Haute couture

- Filming and broadcast of a "Special Emma Shapplin" on CNN "Frame"

- Preparation of the production of a new album: "Venere acoustic variation"

- Emma continues the preparation of a first vernissage which will exhibit for the first time her works of Painting-Photography Fine Art

- Finalisation du nouvel album « Emma Shapplin the Best of Lounge » Volume 1 & 2 . 

 -    Pitch : Après un retentissant succès dans le domaine du remix - n°1 pendant des années sur Billboard USA, avec un remix Trance intitulé "Spente le Stelle" de Yomanda, et vainqueur du "Winter festival" à Miami en 2002, puis Top 4 des Charts commerciaux au Royaume-Uni en 2017, et N°1 du "Kings of Spins Top 20" avec les remix de Casta Diva par Soulshaker, Dasco, Ferrko, SoCool NetWork

- Emma Shapplin a décidé de publier un double album complet (Vol.1 & Vol.2) appelé "Emma Shapplin the best of Lounge". Il est composé de 20 de ses compositions et chants passés, revisités en version lounge par des super stars dans le monde du remix - comme Soulshaker, Scott Stoddart, RSP remix, Ben Cartwright, Ferrko, Dave Doyle, Rox remix. « Emma Shapplin the best of Lounge » est un délicieux voyage  à travers l’étonnant travail de cette grande artiste. Soprano, Autrice Compositrice Interprète hors du commun aux multiples facettes.

-    JULY 2022 sortie digital de « Emma Shapplin the Best of Lounge » Volume 1 sous la maison de Disque française KURONEKO et EMI / UNIVERSAL GREECE

-    SEPTEMBER 2022 sortie digital de « Emma Shapplin the Best of Lounge » Volume 2

-    MAY 2023 sortie CD & Vinyles de « Emma Shapplin the Best of Lounge » 


Because of her particular style and charisma, Emma has performed since her beginnings in some of the most incredible places in the world, including the Acropolis of Athens, as well as the Greek Olympia stadium, the Great Kremlin Palace in Moscow, the Esplanade Opera Maison in Singapore, 3 nights at the Caesarea Arena in Israel in 1999 then in 2004, at the Théâtre Carré in Holland, in a Roman mausoleum near Belgrade for 10,000 people, during a concert in full air in a huge temple in Bali, on the Tunisian coast of Hammamet, in Buenos Aires, at the Colosseum Theater, he sang for 7000 spectators at the Luna Park stadium in Argentina, in Monaco, for an ice skating event organized by the Prince Albert, in a stadium. in Chihuahua for 25,000 people and just above the racing circuit, to open Formula 1 in Singapore, a concert for the Antalya Exhibition in 2016, for UNESCO 2016, the UNHCR in Athens, the 300th anniversary from Zarina's palace for the G8 in the presence of President Putin and 20 presidents with their first ladies. Emma has made thousands of television presentations and conferences in over 20 countries. He has sung for commercial brands, films, TV series and many prestigious brands in many countries, such as Mercedes Benz for CLS, Alrosa Diamonds, Kia, J'aime diamond brand, Ferrero Rocher, Carrera y Carrera Jewelry, The Sopranos series, HSBC for its 10 best customers in Singapore, Renault Vel Satis in Germany, for Philips Plasma Aurora, with the filmmaker Wong-Kar-Way, at the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos to promote the archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe for the Dogus group .. .

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